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Egyptian Cotton: Flannel Sheets

deep pocket egyptian cotton sheets

Cotton Flannel Sheets

Flannel sheet sets are among the most popular on the market – and with good reason. They are comfortable and soft, and they keep you warm at night. A lot of folks are stuck on the Egyptian cotton trend and have largely overlooked the comfort and the warmth of flannel sheet sets. Flannel is made from cotton material but is brushed to give it that comfortable soft feel. Flannel is perfect for the cold winter months or even when you keep your bedroom cool at night no matter the time of year. They are the perfect way to keep comfortable through out the year.

Styles and Colors

A lot of folks mistakenly think that flannel sheet sets are only available in the familiar plaid that is well worn as flannel shirts. Of course this is an option but by far is not the only option. These great sheets come in plenty of solid colors and many different patterns.

The solid colors can be mix and matched for a decorator touch. You can purchase the fitted and the flat sheets separately or as a set. If you purchase them separately you can add a bit of pizazz to the bedroom by using contrasting colors to compliment the set or to add a little pop you can add coordinating colors.

You are definitely not limited to the familiar plaid pattern of the flannel shirts that you are used to seeing. Flannel can be dyed any color or pattern.

Energy Efficiency

Most people never really think of their sheets as contributing to the energy efficiency of their home, but they can and do. Keeping your heat set just a few degrees lower in the winter months can have a huge impact on your energy bill. Having flannel sheet sets on your beds can help to keep you and your family toasty warm at night, so you can drop down the thermostat a few more degrees. This adds up to big energy savings through out the year.

Other Benefits

Besides helping cut the cost of the energy bill there are other huge selling points when it comes to flannel sheets. They are easy care. You throw them in the washer and can either line dry them or stick them in the dryer. They wash and dry beautifully and do not pill or become misshapen.

Price is another big selling point. Flannel sheet sets are pretty inexpensive considering what you are getting out of them. They are probably half the cost of the Egyptian cotton varieties; this can really affect your bottom line when it comes to shopping. Flannel sheet sets are the perfect way to make your bed!

Shopping for Flannel Sets

Any big box retailer will usually have a good stock of flannel sheets, or you can find them online when shopping with a variety of bed and bath stores. When choosing your flannels sheet sets online, pay particular attention to the weight of the sheet sets, since you will not be able to “feel” them in person. A heavier weight is typically a higher quality. Be sure to check out the water bed sheets made in flannel as well.

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