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Luxury Bed Sheets for an Elegant Bed


Luxury Bed Sheets for an Elegant Bed

When you want something recherche with the touch of style, look no further than luxury bed sheets for your bedroom. Luxury bedding is a unique way to give your bedroom a chisel look. Very different from the normal bed sheets set, the luxury bedding has unmatchable designs, patterns and styles.  The fabric used  is more durable, last long and has immortal color. To make your bedroom with luxury  bed linen keep in mind the quality, comfort and appearance.

If you are looking for the luxury bed sheets sets to complete you bed & bedding furnishings then you must know the most popular and in demand elegant bed sheets to make your bedroom look really fantastic.

The Most Popular Luxury Bed Sheets and Beddings

Luxury Italian Bedding
Luxury Italian bed sheets & bedding are the most popular. There are various fascinating brands and names in this sector of luxury bed linens. You can find all range of sleek, traditional & contemporary luxury bedding manufactured by Cottimaryanne. For any type of custom made Italian luxury bed sheets & bed linen look for Versail. Zambaiti is popular for cashmere and Alexandre Turpault for fine linens.
All Italian bed sheets give elegant feel with the range of fabrics such as Cashmere, Cotton, Sateen, Silk and Lambswool. Furthermore to give your room a look & color you want you will find variety in color too.

Luxury Egyptian Cotton Bed Sheets
Egyptian cotton is known for its fineness & quality. Check for extra long staple cotton (ELS cotton) as these produce the finest quality of yarn that in turn will be weaved into fine & strong fabric. Supima, Pima & Egyptian Cotton are the example of ELS cotton. US is the chief producer of Pima and Supima cotton where as Egyptian cotton is grown in Egypt. For long staple cotton the generic name is Pima. So you will find many cotton luxury bedding sheets to intensify the appeal of your special place.

Damask Luxury Bed Sheets
Damask is the style of the fabric in which the fabric itself contains the numerous patterns of different colors. Fine quality linen is used to make these luxury bed sheet sets. Apart from this you can also find  damask Egyptian bed sheets in Egyptian cotton.

How to Choose a Luxury Bed Sheet?

Check the Fabric
First of all check if the luxury bed sheet is in cotton, Egyptian cotton, supima, cotton sateen & combed cotton. You will also find silk and satin made luxury bedding. Flannel is a good fabric but can be used  only in winters.

Check the Thread Count
Thread count is one of the factors that decides the quality and softness of bed sheet. Thread count denotes the number of thread per square inch of the fabric. Although you will find the thread count written on the pack but it is better to touch the fabric to check its softness. But then also thread count higher than 250 is preferable.

Eye Catching Designs
You can impart life to the bedroom by selecting the most appealing luxury bed linen design. From classic, traditional to vivid patterns and prints you will find all. Also these luxury bed sheets are embroidered with silk threads to create a beautiful assemblage. Now if you already have the curtains having stylish patterns then go for the somewhat matching pattern instead of altogether different. With plain curtain you can buy any design of luxury bedding.

Size of the Bed Sheet
It is the most important point to consider while buying any types of bed sheet whether luxury or normal. For this measure your bed and mattress and buy the bed sheet that is more than your taken measurements. The extra you can tuck in or can fall down from your bed.

Apart from this check for anti-bed sore property, wrinkle free tendency, durability, color, moisture absorbing capacity and crispness while finding the luxury bed sheet for your bedroom.  

Also you can buy matching curtains, bed skirts, pillows and comforters along with bed sheets to complete your luxury bedding.

Big Brands in Luxury Bed Linen Industry

  • Peacock Alley
  • Pratesi
  • Anichini
  • bellino Fine Linens

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