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Egyptian Cotton Blankets For Deluxe Slumber

July 27th, 2010 Posted in Egyptian Cotton Comforters, Egyptian Cotton Home Goods | 1 Comment »

luxury egyptian cotton comforter

Egyptian Cotton Blankets For Deluxe Slumber

Cotton blankets are great if you have the best ones made. The “best” often means Egyptian Cotton.

Of course you love both comfort and natural fabrics and that’s when fine cotton blankets should be your first choice.

Just knowing that you are under these wonderful blankets every night will bring the peaceful and luxurious comfort you need to sleep soundly and wake refreshed.

Egyptian cotton blankets are tops in cotton comfort. Made with a high thread count, Egyptian cotton blankets are like slipping into nature’s welcoming arms each night.

Incredibly soft and beautiful to the eye, these blankets will make you want to linger just a bit longer after that pesky alarm clock calls you to seize the day.

Why Are Cotton Blankets So Popular?
Cotton is one of nature’s purest gifts, and also one of civilization’s most utilized. Fine cotton blankets are more than an accessory for your bedding; they’re works of art.

The superb craftsmanship of the weave, the high thread count, and the glorious colors of 100% cotton blankets make them pearls of comfort without an extravagant price.

Fine cotton blankets provide year-round softness and warmth, without heaviness that make other blankets undesirable in summer months. “Breathable” cotton blankets make them constant favorites.

Should You Understand the Different Types of Cotton Blankets?
Oh, yes! It’s easy and affordable to find the fine cotton blanket that best suits your needs or serves as a lovely gift that will be treasured by the recipient.

“Mercerized” cotton blankets have been specially treated to show a high luster and shine without that “slick” feeling of imitators.

These blankets provide greater fabric strength, they hold more dye without premature fading, and have very little shrinkage as non-mercerized cotton blankets may have.

These beauties come in a variety of colors, including snowy-white, blue mist, rose, sage, and natural.

100% Egyptian cotton blankets must be felt to be believed! These works of art and nature contain only the very finest woven cotton, have high thread counts to avoid “pilling,” and are extremely durable to provide you with year-round comfort for uncounted days to come.

Cotton blankets are machine washable and resist wrinkling. Egyptian cotton blankets are stunningly lovely, coming in colors of ecru, red, olive, blue, gold, butter cream, pure white, sage, and rose.

Cool in the summer, yet warm in the winter, Egyptian cotton blankets are a lifetime investment. To learn more about blankets visit http://www.BlanketsHere.com

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