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Wash Egyptian Cotton

September 27th, 2010 Posted in Uncategorized | No Comments »

It would be irresponsible of me to leave you without instructions on how to care for this amazing fabric.  Take care of well and Egyptian Cotton can last years, aaaand get softer over time, as well.  That’s sounds good, so take care, with great care.  This is my recommendation:

Wash Warm/Cold, with 2 rinse cycles.  Don’t wash with too big of loads.  Don’t was with rougher fabrics. Don’t wash with rough garments, including ones that have buttons, claps, and the like that can be quite menacing in the washer and dryer.

Air Dry on a clothes line, or whatever.  While being eco-friendly and economically friendly, it will also help your fabric last longer.  Softness may not be as present, after first drying, but it will return in no time.


Machine Dry on your ‘Cotton’ Setting [0r 'Normal'], but try not to use the timer, if you can avoid it.  I like to set the dial just above the ‘Optimum Dry’ Setting or just above the middle setting, whatever that may  be.  Avoid the ‘More Dry,’ as cotton does not get along  with this setting.  This will lead to more piling and shrinkage, which could eventually make it pretty tough to get those sheets on the bed.

Also, and this is BIG… DO NOT use dryer sheets!!!  Dryer sheets coat your fabric with a layer of chemicals, which is an enemy to natural things, including fibers in fabrics, as well as long staple fibers, which like the free world, aren’t happy amidst oppression.